Breathe Right’s Sleepwise App Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in March

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month we handpick our personal TOP 3 amongst all the regional winners. It’s been three years since the launch of BOD Awards. After seeing hundreds of award-winning campaigns, we were faced with a question: what makes a great campaign? It seems creativity and cool gimmicks is all it takes to grab a Gold Lion. We, on the other hand, see results as equally important. Our goal is to chase down fresh successful campaigns from all around the world and gather further information from all available sources.

With spring swiftly approaching and Cannes Lions marking an important end to the marketing season, we’re desperately looking for unique work before it pops up in Cannes’ archive. March might just be the golden month for us…. Norwegian marketing awards Gullblyanten rewarded us with a selection of fine digital campaigns. Having almost awarded the Scandis with another top prize, we stumbled across the Cassies and discovered a fun nasal strip campaign (yes, that’s right!) from far North. Our congratulations go out to Breathe Right & Grey Canada for their excellent SleepWise mobile campaign.



First Place: Breathe Right ‘SleepWise’ by Grey Canada (Canada, Cassie Winner)

Previously marketed as a sports aid and nasal congestion reliever, Breathe Right Nasal Strips actually have a surprising benefit of eliminating snoring. The brand was tackling two issues here. Firstly, most snorers are unaware that their suffering from nasal congestion. Secondly, the brands lacklustre TV-ad approach had proven to be ineffective. Behold the Breathe Right SleepWise App – a mobile, bedside sleep monitor iOS application that recorded snoring patterns pre and post Breathe Right strip usage. During the multichannel campaign retail dollar volume, unit volume, retail dollar share and unit share in the Alberta region all increased. 90% of consumers opted-in for free trial of the product once downloaded. Traffic to the website increased significantly in key Western Canadian markets vs. the rest of Canada.

Why we love it:

Initially you might have a giggle looking at this campaign, but this truly is a great business case demonstrating a deep understanding of user behaviour, effective cross-channel approach and most importantly – impressive results. Breathe Right was diligent enough to conduct a throughout investigation, which revealed the real audience they should be addressing: the snorers’ poor partners. The mobile and radio integration worked very well when it comes to demonstrating the problem and complimenting user behaviour (phones used as morning alarms).


2nd Place: Norsk Tipping ‘Valuta-Lotto’ by McCann (Norway, Gullblyanten Winner)

Norsk Tipping AS is the national lottery in Norway. Lottery was losing its popularity amongst millennial Norwegians. Norsk Tipping’s aim was to draw a new millennial player every single day for three weeks straight. But with a combined prize money of 8 million, this proved to be a tricky challenge. Thus, they decided to divide this sum amongst 21 unique currencies. Each winner would travel to the origin country and become a local currency millionaire. Tailor-made content from all 21 content was pushing the campaign on Facebook. Lotto ticket sales went up by 6.3%.

Watch case study video HERE.

Why we love it:

Norsk Tipping exploited the global nature of Facebook. There are no borders in the digital world. The campaign relied on a good-old recipe: generating global buzz to reach your local target audience. That’s especially true with millennials. But to be completely honest, the results were just damn impressive…


3rd Place: Volvo Cars ‘Say Hello to Volvo V’ by JCP Ignite (Norway, Gullblyanten Winner)

Volvo’s new car V90 was packed with innovative features. One of them being voice guidance. Volvo Norway wanted to demonstrate this cool feature in a unique way and get people buzzing about the yet unreleased car. So they created an app called V. To have a chance at winning the brand new V90 the users were challenged to spend as much time as possible getting to know their new counterpart V. The more they engaged, the higher the chance to win. The app had 40 000 downloads and the users were using the app for an average of 30 minutes.

Why we love it:

Welcome to the world of AI! We’ll be seeing a lot more of similar implementations in the nearest future. It’s not tech for tech’s sake rather than a clever demonstration of innovative thinking, which in turn serves as the perfect PR bomb.


This month’s shortlist also includes:

  • DNB ‘Horny Dog’ by TRY (Norway, Gullblyanten Winner)
  • Red Roof Inn ‘From Brake Lights to Rested Nights’ by 360i (USA, Adrian Awards)


Our team of experts: Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia), Maarja Laasu and Ann Kruuk (Co-Authors of “BOGDM: The Storybook and Storybook 2”)

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