Revolutionary House of Clicks from Sweden Wins The Best of Global Digital Marketing Awards in May

European digital marketing research firm Best Marketing International monitors almost 300 digital award competitions Worldwide. Each month we handpick our personal TOP 3 amongst all the regional winners. It’s been nearly two years since the launch of BOD Awards. After seeing hundreds of award-winning campaigns, we were faced with a question: what makes a great campaign? It seems creativity and cool gimmicks is all it takes to grab a Gold Lion. We, on the other hand, see results as equally important. Our goal is to chase down fresh successful campaigns from all around the world and gather further information from all available sources.

April offered us a handful of interesting regional award shows: Danish Internet Awards, Guldägget, Vuodenhuiput to name a few. This is actually the most fascinating territory to enter (assuming you get pass the initial language barrier). And we are happy to reveal some of our great findings to you, dear readers. However, due to our strict judging policy, we had to make some fundamental cuts this month. The campaigns are either too old or lacking in results. The latter is unfortunately a non-negotiable criteria, which often forces us to disregard amazing innovative projects. We believe in quality over quantity hence this month’s shortlist is comprised of five campaigns as opposed to our regular ten. Happy to present you with this month’s winner the House of Clicks, followed by iPhone-crazed Lucy the Robot and Scandinavian celebrity mag Se Og Hør’s news app.



First Place: Hemnet’s The House of Clicks by Prime (Sweden, Guldägget Gold)

Hemnet is Sweden’s biggest property portal. Each week one fifth of all Swedes visit the site leaving a lot of traces (=data). Hemnet wanted to strengthen its leading market position and showcase innovation by giving us a glimpse of future property development. In order to create the perfect home, a team of data scientists analysed over 200 million clicks on Hemnet. This data was forwarded to two architects who went on to create the House of Clicks. Worldwide media was quick to pick up the project and Hemnet sparked a global debate around big data and property development. The total reach was 218 million and 648 people have already signed up for the House of Clicks.

Why we love it:

The House of Clicks gives us a sneak peek into the future of marketing. This is the epitome of innovation and smart use of customer data. The era of brand-centric marketing is behind us, now it’s all about creating bigger impactful ideas, where both parties benefit. And big data is obviously the key to that. Apart from securing its market leadership, Hemnet was able to revolutionise property development as a whole. Moreover, two million Swedes contributed a bit of their identity into the creation of the perfect home, giving them a sense of pride and ownership over this amazing project.


2nd Place: Double Robotics’ Lucy the Robot by Atomic 212° Group (Australia, Reggie Awards Gold)


Double Robotics is a global technology company. In autumn 2015, the company decided to tackle the Aussie market with its Double Telepresence robot. Just in time for the iPhone 6s launch. Agency Atomic 212° was briefed with a low-budget campaign which would escalate brand awareness from zero to hero. Meet Lucy Kelly, a young woman who did not want to stand in the wind and torrential rain in order to get her hands on the new iPhone. But Lucy found a way out: she attended the launch in Sydney as a robot. Lucy the Robot queued the line for several days whilst interacting with fellow Apple fans and most importantly – the media. The stunt generated $73.2 million in media value, 12,452 sale enquiries in 72 hours and $44,777,392 in sales opportunities.

Why we love it:

Lucy the Robot – a brilliant PR extravaganza proving that hijacking major events can still be regarded as a very effective marketing tactic. The agency had a minimal budget and zero awareness to start off with. They were smart about this, very smart actually. Newsjacking is much cheaper than creating a wildfire of your own. Moreover, for a minimal budget, the results are downright impressive!


3rd Place: Se og Hør’s Mit Se og Hør app by McCann Copenhagen (Denmark, Danish Internet Awards Gold)


Se og Hør (See and Hear) is a TV guide and celebrity journalism magazine published in three independent versions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. In order to keep their readers engaged the Mit SE og HØR app was introduced. The app provides access to exclusive videos, background stories, photo galleries and much more simply by scanning the pages of the magazine. Users are able to create their custom celebrity social media news feeds, which transforms Se og Hør’s app into a separate social platform.

Why we love it:

Another magazine app? What’s the big deal you may wonder? Well this one’s unique. Sure augmented reality is cool but something else caught our eye here. Back in the day, celebrities used to turn to newspapers to get information out to the public. Today, papers have been replaced by personal social media accounts. Young people are eagerly following them across all platforms and it might get a bit tedious to scroll through a messy newsfeed, where Kim K’s baby pic is followed by your high school sweetheart’s amateur selfie. Se og Hør’s celebrity social media feed function removes this problem. The app creates a whole new customizable media universe, smartly tailored for today’s gossip girls.


These campaigns also made it to our May shortlist:

Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Finland Emojis by Hasan & Partners (Finland)

KLM’s Layover with a Local by Achtung! (The Netherlands)

Our team of experts: Hando Sinisalu (CEO of Best Marketing International, Estonia), Heidi Tiik (Dutch Communication Talent 2015), Maarja Laasu and Ann Kruuk (Co-Authors of “BOGDM: The Storybook and Storybook 2”)


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